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This site provides you with the information about how to take care of your precious gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry. The tips given can keep your jewelry brightly shining and last for a long time, and more.

If you want to keep your jewelry, gold, silver, or gemstones brightly shining and have a long life, you need to learn how to take care of your jewelry. Then these precious metals and stones will become the object of admiration and adoration. The following are some tips to take care of your precious jewelry:

1. Don't wear gold jewelry in the pool or hot tub or when using chlorine bleach or cleaners. Chlorine reacts with gold, particularly at high temperatures. Exposure to chlorine can permanently damage and discolor your gold jewelry.

2. It is better not wear the gold jewelry while bathing or cleaning. Soap will leave a filmy coating on gold jewelry and it will make the cleaning work more difficult.

3. The easiest and safest way to clean any kind of jewelry is to soak it in warm water with a few drops of ammonia for a few minutes, and then brush it gently with a soft brush. If there is greasy build-up on diamond jewelry, dip it in plain alcohol before soaking. After you have finished cleaning, simply rinse the jewelry thoroughly under lukewarm water and wipe the items dry on a soft cloth. Make sure not to clean too many pieces together at once, as they may scratch each other. For cleaning gold jewelry, you can use a soft cloth like chamois cloth which is a safe material for you to make your jewelry shining.

4. Silver is a natural metal that oxidizes the longer it maintains contact with air. Rubbing a simple polishing cloth over silver, every-so-often, will keep it nice and shiny. To remove dirt or sticky substances on silver jewelry, use a soft wet cloth, then let it dry thoroughly.

5. All the jewelry should be kept in closed jewelry boxes separately and avoid extremes of temperature and humidity. It is better not to expose rubies and pearls directly under the sun. UV-rays will make their color less intense. Never store your jewelry in the bathroom, especially the silver jewelry.

6. To remove the dust from under the stone of your ring, you need to take cotton buds soaked in cologne or glycerin and wipe the stone. Then polish the ring with the soft cloth like flannel.

7. To remove the grease from gold, you can dip it into ordinary rubbing alcohol.

8. All glass beads can be cleaned with a soft wet cloth and mild detergent. Avoid abrasive cleaners, as some glass beads may have an aurora borealis coating.

9. Do not use toothpaste as its abrasives can damage softer gems and metals.

10. Commercial jewelry cleaners are usually no more effective than the household cleaners suggested above, but they are more convenient. They are normally safe for diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, but may be harmful to some gemstones. Never soak gemstone jewelry in commercial cleaners for more than a few minutes. You should also know that commercial cleaners are not recommended for opal, pearl, coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise and emerald. They may damage or reduce the shine on these stones.

In conclusion, how you care for your jewelry will determine its longevity and your hard working will be sure to be rewarded.

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